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ELAN General Contracting Industry Associations

– Member since 1981

The industry is changing at such a fast pace and in roder to keep up with all the regulations, mergers and changes, ELAN has been an active a member since 1981. ELAN is a featured speaker at the upcoming Centerbuild Conference.

The 2011 CenterBuild Conference is the premier retail specialty conference bringing all of the industry professionals together to network and share ideas. Now more than ever it is critical that we leverage each and every business opportunity available to us.  

At the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), our goal is to help members develop their businesses through networking, education, research, information, deal-making and action on legislation and regulation. As a member of ICSC you will enhance your visibility within the industry, grow your business and engage in a vibrant community of tens of thousands of colleagues around the globe.

– Member since March 2011

The Construction Industry is wrought with unscrupulous contractors which makes it difficult to compete. RCA helps to level the playing field which is one of many reasons we joined.

The Retail Contractors Association is a national organization of high caliber retail contractors united to provide a solid foundation of ethics, quality and professionalism within the retail construction industry.

RCA Mission Statement
To promote professionalism and integrity in retail construction through industry leadership in education, information exchange, and jobsite safety.

RCA Goals
RCA is demonstrating its concern for the industry by addressing today's concerns. Our goals are to:
  • •  Promote excellence in the industry
  • •  Promote ethical practices
  • •  Establish industry standards
  • •  Foster cooperation between retailers, developers and contractors
  • •  Create a forum to deal with concerns
  • •  Exchange ideas and share information
  • •  Establish an environment where ethics, professionalism, and competence can flourish
  • •  Promote educational opportunities within the industry
  • •  Pioneer the new trends of retail construction as we enter the 21st century